BAYERN-DOSE is a high-quality service provider and contract filler for beverage cans
focussing on small and medium-sized breweries and beverage manufacturers. Due to
the high quantities required for producing and filling cans as well as the low number
of specialized filling service providers, entering the market with beverage cans was
often reserved to large companies. Until now!

The competence center BAYERN-DOSE closes this gap and offers professional services providing a highly efficient full service platform for an all-round service in terms of beverage cans. From designing to dispatching, we take care of the entire process chain while supporting your projects as a reliable and competent filling partner.


  • Increasing sales by using beverage cans as a trend packaging for your
    core market and beyond
  • Powerful one-way package for export business, e. g. as a specialty assortment
  • Countervail the declining beer market by entering new distribution channels, in addition to returnable glass bottles
  • Using a convenience packaging to increase the existing and build up
    new sales channels
  • Focused on small and medium-sized breweries and beverage manufacturers
  • Can competence center is run by Privatbrauerei und Mineralbrunnen-
    betrieb H. Egerer, a medium-sized successful company